LOVE is Our Power


“Death and love, they both appear uninvited.” They are words from a movie. I believe in them and even if I also think that death and love both might be invited, Love is our power.

The Death

Usually, it comes uninvited, if we will die when the time comes. We also may invite it. And we do it when we decide to shorten the thread of life because we let the past follow us. It is because we can’t forget or forgive ourselves or others.

We invite death when we pass carelessly by what is happening around us with people or nature. We do not follow our soul to lend a helping hand. Our mind says “don’t get involved” because you do not know what is going on.

Why do we do it?

Because we live in fear of death. It’s the only way we’ve known for aeons. It is the fear that exists in our DNA because it is the tool our leaders uses. They know the consequences of fear are illness and manipulation.

Throughout human history, all those who have in one way or another opposed manipulation, and betrayal, have been condemned to death.

Authorities and justice feed the fear of death with laws and punishments. The church also feeds this fear. You are told not to be a “sinner” because you will be punished and go to hell. Or it is said to love, otherwise, you will be punished. Anyway, to love from fear of something. A conditional love …

But you are not told to learn how to love yourself. On the contrary, real love has become a sin. What about pornography, child abuse, women abuse, wars, biological weapons…

Fear puppets

Those who have turned us into puppets of fear are puppets of fear, too. Otherwise, why do they need weapons, alarms, castles and bodyguards? If they really love people, why are they afraid?

They are afraid that they will not live as long as they want. Moreover, they are afraid that people will want to know more and be independent, and knowledge means power. They violate all human rights, including the right to breathe …

The other day, I saw the decision of our leaders, where it was written about the doctors’ reward for “vaccinating population”. Put together with rising prices, the wars, hate amongst races and nations, and on the other hand their “care” to protect the population from “viruses” shows that the lie is at home in our leader’s mouth. And lying is the best friend of fear.

By lying they live well even now when others no longer have money, jobs, or there are children who have nothing to eat. Leaders say they are “taking measures for people’s good.” Comments on media that are not in accordance with their “policy” are deleted. The man who writes them is threatened. True, the good done to the population is to make it live in fear. A fear that manipulates and makes you sick.

Some people with experience in medicine decide not to be silent (Dr Rashid Buttar, Dr Rudolf Breuss, Dr Bradley Nelson and others), to explain things that are not known, show their unconditional love for humanity. Their materials are not too much marketed, their films are deleted. Some of them “disappear” or are exiled.

So are leaders afraid, too? YES, Because fear means punishment and punishment is again fear and then death.


The opposite of fear is love. That love is inside you, is in your soul.

Knowledge means power, and leaders know how strong people become when they follow their soul. When they truly love.

Nature always follows its course regardless that it is raining, windy, snowy. And we humans can do that. We need to believe in our soul because it never lies to us. When you believe in yourself, when you love yourself, you are not afraid, you do not care about death. You know you’re going to die anyway, and death is just a transformation. Our soul is immortal.

True love

The truth has not been allowed to keep its head into light except in movies… nor there because there are so many movies that are banned or deleted. My father used to say that we live in a world where the truth walks with its head cut off. 

When you truly love, you don’t need positions, fortunes, because you know your soul truth. Believing in your soul, you believe in its love and it comes out uninvited.

I have been told many times, even by “spiritual” people, that love is not enough to live. In my opinion, it is not enough when you live with limited love. True love is unconditional love. The stomach asks for food and if you look around you will find so much offered by mother earth. But love is the food you can’t live without. It feeds you if you know what the true one means. You see it in a wounded dog that returns to its owner. You see it at a real mother for her baby.

LOVE is Our Power

Now, we are here and we can do one thing: to love ourselves and others! To understand our union, “in thoughts and feelings.”

Love needs no strategy and there are no strategies against it. It has no religion, for love itself is the religion of humanity. A photographer uses to say that light gets its way through any crack. Love is the Light and creates a way in everything you do with pleasure. It is also a force that no one and nothing can overcome it. It doesn’t need leaders. In addition, where love rules, there is no desire for power!

Love is Our Power!

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”


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A student in the University of Cape Coast (UCC)- Ghana.

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